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Cyprus is a land of richness and Biblical history.  It is the place in which Barnabas (from Acts 4:36) came from.  Both Barnabas and Paul walked in this land. Paul shared the Gospel through out the land from Salamis to Paphos.   It is said that Lazarus (of Bethany) was the first church leader and that his bones are laid to rest in the city of Larnaca.  Many nations and kings have ruled through the years here in Cyprus, as Cyprus is a strategic Island to the whole of Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia/Europe.


  • Turkey–75 kilometers (47miles)
  • Syria and Lebanon– 105 kilometers (65 miles)
  • Israel/Palestine– 200 kilometers (124 miles)
  • Egypt– 380 kilometers (236miles)
  • Greece– 380 kilometers (174miles)


Cyprus has been a divided nation since 1974. The division is between the North and the South. The South is the legitimate Republic of Cyprus, part of the EU with a Greek speaking culture. The North is governed by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, only recognized by Turkey.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean. It has recently suffered an economic crisis in the banking sector.

The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union on 1 January 2008.


Population: 1.17 million people
Greek 77%, Turkish 18%, other 5% (2001).
Greek is the official language at 80.9% along with Turkish and English.

The major religion of the Island is Greek Orthodox (78%).
18% are Muslim.