Kadosh Art

We are part of the creative tribe around the world and apply the fact that we are made in the image of the Creator to everything we do. Art is a language which the people of Cyprus speak, and it opens the door to their hearts. Everything we do is birthed in God’s presence. “If your presence does not go up with us, do not send us up from here.” Exodus 33:15. If you want to reach out through creativity in all its forms, Cyprus is the place for you!



Our vision is to see the people of Cyprus encounter their Maker and Saviour and to send them out into the surrounding nations. God will bring healing through art to the Middle East. We are working with other artists’ networks in Germany, the UK and other countries in Europe.

How do we walk in creativity?

We do project-oriented work with various groups and churches on the island and abroad. Training is usually done in God’s presence through creative workshops and hands-on practice as well as through teaching at conferences and gatherings. Outreach is led by the Holy Spirit – the “what”, the “when”, and the “how” come from Him as we commune with the Lord. Some examples are: prophetic painting on the beach; joining one of the local festivals with a creative booth; painting prophetically at one of the New Age Fairs; giving personal visual prophecy to individuals; influencing the city through prophetic sculpture; organizing prophetic art exhibitions locally and abroad; blessing Holocaust survivors in Israel through individual prophecy and more.